Transferring payee and category rules, etc?

I'm running Windows 10 Home on my laptops. I had acquired Quicken 2019 and initially set it up on a smaller laptop that temporarily cannot connect wireless to the internet. I would like to install Quicken on the other laptop. It's my understanding that this can be accomplished. After the new installation is completed I can just copy the backup on the original PC, and then do a restore from that copy using a flash card or stick.

The program has numerous Rules associated with some Payee's as well as other settings. My question is does the backups also copy these rules for the Category and Payees name, and other settings like the manual Category change list. If not how can I export, the import these settings? Tnx

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    Hi @c1sanford ,

    The Manual Backup contains everything. You need to restore the Manual Backup. However, due to Bootleg copies, which is now a thing of the past, the Internet Connection, is a must.

    The Connection to your Quicken User Account online, determines what you are running as to Starter, Deluxe, Premier or Home, Business & Rental Property.

    And it must be Activated, which requires the Internet Connection.

    It needs to be installed, not just copied, because copying does not copy the Firewall Rules or Registry Keys.

    See this procedure:
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