Install Quicken 2019 on second PC?

How do I do the above?

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  • gksmith5
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    OK. Thanks!
  • gksmith5
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    I have loved Quicken over the years. I hope I love 2019 as much!
  • Valderi
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    You simply download the program on the second PC. BUT YOU CANNOT WORK ON BOTH PCs at the same time. You have to do a backup file from one PC and upload it on the second one. I do that on my Laptop when I want to work with Quicken outside my home during a long travel. When I come back, I simply do the reverse operations.

    You can use Mobile Quicken also.

    Another way would be to work with a third program like "Team Viewer" which allow you to work on your home PC directly from another PC. It works very well this way.

    Don't try to put your Quicken file on virtual disk like Dropbox, you will put your datas at risk… and Quicken doesn't work this way.

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