Orange pencil on all downloads with right amount bout wrong date only

For past year had no problems downloads matching with either a blue pencil or bule dot. Past 3 month, however, all downloads are marked with orange pencil with only the date different. My online balance is not matching my true balance.

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  • John_in_NC
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    edited July 2019
    I think we need a bit more information:

    Orange pencil icons means manually entered. The blue icons are the either matched or downloaded.

    When you update accounts, are you getting any errors? Is it showing a successful download?

    Do you use Mobile? You indicated understanding the past (correctly working) behavior, so I question if it as Mobile Sync issue. 
  • BJ2015
    BJ2015 Member
    Appreciate your response. No I do not use Mobile, and I am not getting any errors. The downloads match the dollar amount that were manually entered. The dates, of course, are not the same in that the Bank's date is the date that the transaction was cleared which varies depending on the transaction. Majority of entered transactions are scheduled but clearance from bank may vary 1-2 days. There are 2 other problems with this account. The online balance is not the balance in the bank at that time, but the balance shown next to account matches. The second is the reconciling processis stuckon March 2019.
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