Several problems after updating to

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QHBR 2019   Win 10 1903

Immediately after install this new update for Q (, I started having problems. Not sure if reinstalling would be the thing to do or not?

1.  Rental Property>Add Transaction>Enter Rent no longer works. If I go to "Undeposited Rent" and enter it there, it shows up the the right place in the Rental Property section.

2.  When I run One Step Update, I get a bunch of cc-502's. If I go to each account seperately, and click"Update Now", it updates with no problems.

3.  When I run Zestimate for each property, Q goes completely black for a few seconds, then crashes. When I restart Q, I find that the Zestimate update worked. 

4.  There are some other non-specific things, like now and then the Q screen "flashes" or "blicks", but I can't connect that to anything I was doing at the time.

Would you reinstall, or wait for the next update? So far nothing that has happened is critical, it's just annoying.



  • JeffRedman
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    I too have started having problems after updating to

    In my case One Step (and single account) update constantly "loses" one bank account. Resulting me having to deactivate it and reactivate for online banking.

    Downloads for another bank account now occasionally download transactions that have previously been downloaded and accepted. The last two times it downloaded about 12 duplicates.

    In addition, when doing a One Step Update I occasionally get a message saying something about need to update for Billpay and that some passwords will need to be reentered, but when I click the button nothing happens.

    Something quite similar happened when I did the previous update (do not know the build number for that one). Support was able to help.

    After decades using Quicken I am beginning to lose confidence in the product.
  • Spotteddog
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    Thanks for the reply. I feel the same way you do. But what can you do? All the other apps I have tried and terrible. 
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