Quicken Mobile 5.15.0 release notes say syncing of asset and liability accounts is enabled - how?

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:/ The update for Quicken Mobile 5.15.0 was installed on my phone Jul 21 and according to the notes: "New! You can now snc your assets and liability accounts from your desktop and view them on Quicken Mobile." Sounds great! Unfortunately, I don't see any way to include the asset and liability accounts from my desktop version -- which is Quicken Home & Business for Windows R2019 version R16.22 build edition Canada. This is the latest release. Anyone know why? Has there been an update to the US desktop edition that hasn't yet made it into the Canada edition? Is there some way to get these accounts to show up in the Mobile center account list that I am missing?

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    I have the same Canadian version. Here's how to sync your assets:
    In your desktop, go to EDIT+PREFERENCES+"Quicken ID, Sync & Web". Under "Sync & alert - settings", click on "accounts to sync". That's where you check or uncheck accounts to sync.
    I hope it helps.

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    Unfortunately, my Asset and Liability accounts don't show up in the list. That's my problem!
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