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I am so aggravated with Quicken!!! I bought the 2019 Quicken a few weeks ago and since have not been able to sync to web or connect Wells Fargo. I spent Hours talking to support and they are so arrogant and basically tell me they don't want to help me. I am looking for a new financial app that will sync with my phone. Any one know of a good replacement? Quicken is becoming a joke.

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  • Quicken Sarah
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    Hello @Carla Hintz

    My name is Sarah and I am a Moderator for the Quicken Community and an official Representative of the Quicken Support team. 

    I appreciate your taking the time to share the details of this issue and your recent experiences with Support with the Community.

    I took the liberty of checking our internal support system and reviewed the chat transcripts for each recent contact with Support and sincerely apologize for the negative experience, frustration and inconvenience this situation has caused.

    I have forwarded the case details and chat transcripts to our Senior Leadership staff so they may be aware of this matter and follow-up with each Agent as appropriate.

    I also took the liberty of reviewing the "Report a Problem" submission sent in today and performed a deep dive review of the attached log files where I was able to locate the root cause of both the crash and the errors received when attempting to add/update the Wells Fargo accounts.

    I've made an internal adjustment to your profile which should resolve the connectivity/CC-800 errors with the Wells Fargo accounts and allow the Mobile Sync to be reactivated and ran, without experiencing a crash in Quicken.

    Please open Quicken and go to the Tools menu > Add Account option to reactivate the Wells Fargo accounts, ensuring to "link" the accounts to their already existing names in Quicken to avoid duplicate accounts/balances.

    Once the accounts have been reactivated, please then run the One Step Update, it should complete with no errors but please let me know if another error is received.

    If the One Step Update completes as successfully, please then go to the Mobile & Alerts tab and reactivate the Mobile Sync.

    Again, run the One Step Update, with the Sync to Quicken Cloud box checked, and let me know how it goes, if the update and sync complete or if you continue to receive an error or crash.

    Thank you,

  • Carla Hintz
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    No nothing works
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