General Good Status of Quicken 2019 for Windows & How to Be Happy with in in the long run

I am currently satisfied with my Quicken 2019 Premier installed on my Windows7 Pro PC. All my known issues have been fixed. Overall performance for Quicken on Windows is now vastly improved under the new business plan after tons of effort on their part. My compliments.

Comments aimed at "newbies" to Quicken on PCs (I have no experience with Macs so may not apply):

#1 - Quicken on Windows offers a VERY COMPREHENSIVE set of features added over the many years of its life on large screen PCs. If your life revolves around your small screen smartphone then this product may not be for you. Suggest to save yourself from being overwhelmed and look elsewhere in the Quicken offerings or other more "app" type products.

#2A - ALWAYS at the end of a Quicken PC session, backup your file (preferably into a cloud based safe location like Dropbox) in anticipation of errors (typically discovered later) that you make or that may occur in the less than forever perfect databases internal to Quicken.

#2B - ALWAYS at the end of Quicken session after doing the backup, run the Edit > File Operations > Validate and Repair utility. IF YOU GET A FAULT FLAG, THEN IMMEDIATELY ABANDON YOUR CURRENT FILE VERSION, LOAD THE MOST PREVIOUS KNOWN GOOD VERSION AND RESUME FROM THERE (means to "do over" what you thought that you just completed). THE REASON FOR THIS IS THAT IF THERE OCCURS AN INTERNAL DATABASE ERROR, THE ERROR WILL TEND TO PROPAGATE, GET WORSE AND EVENTUALLY YOU WILL HAVE SUCH AN UNRECOVERABLE SCRAMBLE THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO START OVER LOOSING ALL PREVIOUS ACCOUNT HISTORY (done that). Quicken has always had this characteristic because you cannot expect a commercial grade of database running on a PC to stay pristine perfect forever - it is just not the level of product like your bank and credit card vendor runs.


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    Hello @Steven Wetterling

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and comments with the Community!

    Your kind words are greatly appreciated and have been forwarded to our Development Teams so they may be aware of the impact their hard work is having for our Users :)

    Thanks again,

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