Lost data on direct connect?

I just enabled direct connect for my bank accounts. I am a LONG time user of quicken and have many years of data. Once the connection was processed all accounts only showed the last 60 days. Have I lost all the data prior to that? If not, how can I get it back to review?


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    Download older transactions (Q Windows only)

    Depending on how much data the banks offer, you may be able to download older transactions from most banks. Here's more about how to do it:

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    Thank you. No matter what I will not get data back from 2012. Wish I had know that before I enabled Direct Connect. I do have a backup but I don't think I can restore it without messing up what I have entered in the last two weeks in all of my accounts (I have 11 active).
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    What version of Quicken are you currently using on the desktop / laptop?
    What old version were you using before you upgraded to the current version?
    And why didn't (or couldn't) you continue using the Quicken data file from the old version? Depending on how old your "old version" is and a few other considerations, in most cases you could have opened your old Quicken data file in the new version and resumed where you left off.
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