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FAQ: Windows Defender & Controlled Folder Access

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Windows Defender protects against malware/ransomware by including a feature called “Controlled Folder Access” which can limit or prevent a program from accessing or writing to files and folders stored on the hard drive, including Quicken and Quicken Data Files.

More information about the Windows Defender and Controlled Folder Access is also available here

If access to read/write to a file or folder is blocked, Quicken may be unable to open existing or create new data files and could prevent newly entered information from saving in the Data File.

 To check if Windows Defender and Controlled Folder Access is enabled:

  • Open the Windows Start menu and select “Settings”

  • In Settings, select “Update & Security” then “Windows Security”

  • Under Windows Security select “Virus & Thread Protection” and “Manage Ransomware Protection”


  • If enabled the Controlled folder access will be toggled to Yes.


  • To see what folders are protected and allow access, select "Protected Folders" and Add a protected folder


  •  Or Whitelist Quicken and Add it as an Allowed App by selecting Allow an app through Controlled folder access and Add an allowed app

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