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Can Quicken track the vested and non-vested parts of a portfolio?

I use 'One Step Update' to sync the Fidelity account with Quicken. When I enter a paycheck, the employer contribution goes into the same account, but it won't be vested for two more years. How can I keep the actual money available to me correct, especially when the value changes by additions, charges and market changes?

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  • jr7107
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    You can also create a custom portfolio view that restricts adding the value of those unvested accounts until the appropriate time. Allows the accounting for it to be correct, while not adding it immediately into the overall value. Whether it be restricted shares, performance restricted shares, or some profit sharing/savings excess type plans that put you into funds, as long as they are in a separate account.

    This will hit a snag if continuing annual contributions are vested every two years, you could have a second "vested" account where you transfer from the "unvested" account but then it starts to get cumbersome. I have noted that some companies are not accounting for it until the year end (when vested) then depositing on the first of the year (or on vesting date).

    Number of creative ways to present it, likely it will come down to personal preference on how you want it.
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