Quotes download not working for VBIAX. All others are fine

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I noticed that Vanguard's VBIAX mutual fund was not updating since July 31.  I manually updated price history on Aug 1, but see that it did not update overnight, again.   Nothing has changed in terms of my Quicken settings (QW 2019 HBR R20.15).  All other securities update correctly.  I have downloaded price history for VBIAX but no update.

I know that Vanguard recently converted my VBINX (investor shares) to VBIAX (admiral shares) on July 29 and I did receive "bought" and "sold" transactions for that class conversion in my data feed from Fidelity.   Rather than accepting the bought and sold transactions, I did a share class conversion in Quicken.  My portfolio shows the correct share count of VBIAX.   I checked the OFX log and Fidelity, my FI, has correctly sent the current price information,  That price information from Fidelity (for VBIAX) did not update the security's price history, though.  Not sure that the security price data feed comes from Fidelity though....

Is this an issue with Quicken quotes data provider?  What else can I try?

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    Scooterlam SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    Thanks @Greg_the_Geek .  I see now that it updated since I posted!    All okay now.  Scott
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