Quicken identifies wrong security on download

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I download transactions from a brokerage account to Quicken.

 For three years, Quicken identifies transactions for American Electric Power as American Eagle. It buys and sells the latter resulting in incorrect portfolio.

Also when it reconciles balances it says that the brokerage is reporting that I hold American Eagle which I do not and that Quicken holds the American Electric Power because I fixed the portfolio.

 Quicken takes transaction info from the brokerage and makes transactions in Quicken for the wrong security.

 I can provide the brokerage name if contacted by Tech Support.


  • markus1957
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    Some time in the past, when first downloaded, you inadvertently mismatched the holdings. Quicken probably suggested the wrong but similar name and you didn't notice it.

    In Tools>Security List, select American Eagle which opens details and uncheck the "Matched with online security" box. Do the same for American Electric Power. On your next download or sooner, you will be prompted to match the holdings in your brokerage to the one in Quicken; make sure you select the correct security to match.
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