Do you use invoicing for your small business? We want your feedback! Learn More - long-closed positions still show

First, the category isn't perfect, I know, but it's the closest I could find.

I have a stocks list set up in of those I hold positions in. These are all manually entered and are separate from the watch list populated out of the Quicken program. Two of them, Lender Processing Services and National Semiconductor, are long gone but still show the zero share balance and null hyphens for everything else.

Portfolio Value, Today's Prices, Recent Performance, Historic Performance, Fundamentals and a Custom View show them all. However, LPS and NSM don't show in Tax Implications.

I can get rid of later ones that I've sold off by editing the list, editing the security and deleting all the transaction info.

But if I go to edit the list, NSM and LPS are not there, so I don't know how to get rid of them. It's kind of annoying. Any thoughts? I've tried everything I can think of.
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