price update slow

q R20.15 and it slowed down to near never updating when pricing portfolio

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    How many securities do you have in Quicken?
    How many of those do you currently own?
    How many securities are marked to appear on the "Watch List"? And ... Do you use the Watch List feature at all?
  • My Investing portfolio has 20 securities which are owned.
    The watch list has 62 securities listed many of which were previously owned and shown in a 0 balance account. When trying to delete a security from the watch list with Cntl D or Windows Delete it fails.
    This is another complaint with the latest version. The key shortcuts no longer work. Real Pain!!
    The posted complaint is in the "Investing, portfolio update", sequence.
  • Fully understood. Thanks. Now fix the Cntrl d, Cntrl J, Cntl etc. short cuts which is a real pain when absent.
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