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Placeholder transactions are created when entering a reinvest transactions

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  • glennmacc
    glennmacc Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 2019
    This is exactly the problem I am having: Instead of adding shares when I reinvest a dividend manually (or LT/ST Capital Gains), Quicken adds a "placeholder" transaction with the negative number of shares that I just entered as a reinvested dividend, so my total shares is not correct. Yes, I can delete that transaction and it all is then correct, but that seems like a bug to me. Why does it not just update the number of shares? I've restarted the app, the computer and no changes. I checked for the check box of a "single mutual fund" but there is nothing there. I have not exported the entire file as a QMTF because it feel more like a bug than a file issue.

     Is this a bug that they are working on, or is this likely a file structure problem? Or is this a "feature"?
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