Allocated Budget

Probably a stupid question with an easy answer but frustration as lead me here. I'm trying to create a budget and have everything set. Then, when I look at it, the Allocated amount is larger than it should be. I can scroll down and find the category that has somehow grown by several thousand dollars but when I click the EDIT it goes to save and will not allow me to change it. I go back to the original Budget sheet where I fill in the amounts and it shows the amount I WANT listed in that category. Then, when I look at the progress on the budget, it again has the wrong amount. Any suggestions or what did I do wrong?


  • Valderi
    Valderi Member ✭✭✭✭
    Did you check the date range in your budget?
  • ThMuseum
    ThMuseum Member
    Is there somewhere other than at the top left corner? I need it to be a yearly budget and I already have an organization budget I want to enter. I've deleted it and tried twice more-dividing everything by 12. It doesn't let me enter amounts when I select Yearly. But even doing it by dividing every into 12 doesn't get the right numbers.
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