Please fix reporting module

DEAR QUICKEN... PLEASE fix the reporting module. This has been messed up for months... I cannot get the simple reports I am looking for (Budget vs actual that includes anything NON ZERO OR Budgeted WITH appropriate transfers to investments, etc)
Every release seems to bring new challenges...
* cannot see non budgeted non zero categories
* sub totals are MASSIVELY off. My income shows DOUBLE what the line totals show
* Cannot see the transfers/categories for investments or other funds - I plan to contribute x to my IRA, I want to see this as a budgeted OUTFLOW on income/expense to see NET CASH against budget.
* adjusting parameters such as internal transfers, categories, accounts just seems to exacerbate the problems. see dozens of useless in/out categories I dont care about, subtotals continue to be wildly off, transactions are not displayed, etc.
Reporting should not be this difficult... My reports seemed to have changed for the worse since quicken 2016 and I keep expecting the next release to fix/improve them.. I am still waiting.

Instead of adding some new planning feature or capability to an already robust product... just fix the reports please...


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