How Do I Change Download Type?

I have five accounts from two different banks in Quicken. Two accounts, (checking & savings), work like they're supposed to. The three accounts, (checking, savings & CD), do not. I must log in to that bank and download a file and import it for every account, that's three files for the three accounts, *every single time* I want to update Quicken. The only difference is, the working bank uses "Direct Connect", and the back that doesn't work is set to "Express Web Connect". This bank used to work, and then at some point stopped working. Since it is a joint account that my wife is the main user/owner of, I wasn't aware of it at first, and wasn't all that worried about it. I can go log on to that banks website, download the file on a weekly basis and update Quicken. Errors? Well, according to the "One Step Update Summary", there are no errors. For that bank it says, "1 Account updated, 0 new transactions." Yet I can go download the file and get 15 to 20 transactions from last week when I did it. If I happen to look down in the systray in the lower right corner of my computer screen, by the clock, there is a little Quicken icon that lets me know there has been an update, and that icon has a little red "splat" on it, signaling that there was a problem with the download. I went looking for the connlog.txt and they have a time stamp over a year and a half ago. (I'm guessing that's when this thing was broken) I would really like to get this working again, and I suspect it has something to do with the connection type. I have been doing it like this (manually) for quite some time now, thinking that the next update would fix it, but so far, no joy. I would even consider doing this for the foreseeable future too, but you know what? Ever since Quicken went to the yearly, "we-got-you-by-the-short-hairs-so-pay-up" subscription scheme, no. Helz no. I'm being forced to pay every G*D* year, so they have an obligation to make it right.

So, to avoid the inevitable request for more information;

Running Windows 7 X64 - Quicken version R21.12 - build Membership valid until the end of November this year, in just over a hundred days, when at that point they will extort more money from me for this lame excuse of a program that works at the whim of banks and programmers alike.

There, at the very least I got a chance to vent a little bit this morning.

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  • Jerry Layman
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    Has this issue been resolved OP? I am having the same problem with one of my banks. All the other accounts are working because (I think) the connection type is set to "Direct Connect" and the one that *isn't* working is set to "Express Web Connect". I'm thinking that if we can figure out how to change the connection type to what the other, *working* banks are set to, it should resolve the problem?

    FWIW, I can log into my account on that bank and download a file and then import it into Quicken. But being forced to do that every day is beginning to get tedious. I have backed off from everyday to every week, but I'd really, really, really like to have this work like the other accounts. Really.

    Any suggestions?
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    What is the name of the FI that isn't working? Not all FI's support Direct Connect.
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    This discussion was created from comments split from: why is direct connect not working with UMB and other banks.
  • Jerry Layman
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    First State Bank and Trust

    in Fremont Nebraska
  • Jerry Layman
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    OK, so I just looked over the FAQ page and found a list of supported banks

    <Links to PDF removed because "I have to be around here longer before I can post links"> Gads...

    I found my bank on page 51-126. So this tells me that it is supposed to be supported for "web connect". OK, so that is why I can't change it, but from everything I read on the FAQ page, it is *still supposed to work* without me having to do it manually. So I still need assistance with this.
  • Jerry Layman
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    OK, this is really starting to get confusing... here is some text I just copied from the FAQ area here;

    Express Web Connect & Express Web Connect +

    The Express Web Connect (EWC) method in Quicken for Windows is a one-way connection method that is automated by the use of an aggregator server. The aggregation server is scripted to automatically log into your Financial Institution once a night and perform a “screen-scrape” of the cleared transaction information. The information is encrypted and held on the Quicken server until the accounts are updated in Quicken and the information then downloads into the account registers.

    ... I take this to mean that transactions should download from the bank and appear in my Quicken. Right? So the following text is from the PDF where I found my bank and the recommended method of connection, and right at the top there is this;

    Use Web Connect to automatically enter transactions
    and update balances in Quicken and QuickBooks simply
    by logging on to your financial institution's web site and
    clicking the "Download to Quicken" or "Download to
    QuickBooks" button.

    ...So this tells me that the way I'm already doing it is the best it's going to get. It also tells me two completely different things. So which is it? (Like I didn't already know the answer to that) Nice job. Why it worked before and not now is still a mystery to me. And for this I get to pay every year!
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