Problem recognizing certain stock from my 2007 Quicken

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I upgraded from Quicken 2007 for Mac to the Quicken 2019 - have had several problems, but each has been resolved by calling the help line. However the latest issue even they could not solve - regarding investments - three of my stocks (IBM, 3M and Microsoft) - any transactions I have made show up in the "transactions" - but are not reflected in the "Portfolio" view. Specifically the number of shares added from dividend reinvestments entries. Spent over 2 hours on the phone with the help guy - he says that in the new version of Quicken the names of these three stock has changed from the names in Quicken 2007 and Quicken 2019 is not recognizing these transactions. All of the history for these stocks (uploaded from Quicken 2007) are correct and complete ---- only new entries are affected. Anyone have same issue and any answers ???????


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    Look at the beginning of your register. You might find some "Placeholder" transactions that are a light grey. They act like balance adjustments so that your final share balance is correct.

    Inspect to see if you have a first transaction. It might be that this placeholder is offsetting your 3 stocks and thusly not showing anything in the Portfolio view. 

    Placeholders have their reason, but if one (Likely remove shares) is getting created for the exact same amount as shares being added, then you are likely safe in deleting it.

    Newer transactions shouldn't create a Placeholder.
  • Don’t see any ! My problem is on transactions after the upload of 2017 data - new transactions. The help guy said that the new (2019) version has different names for some stocks and so, does not recognize my entries for these stocks into the old account (name)
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