Buy Bonds Increases Cash Balance? [Solved But Confused]

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I searched the community and saw some other users' concerns with balances in their investment accounts, but I didn't see an answer on this. My investment account balance had a strangely inflated (cash) balance. Investigating it, I noticed that quite a few "Buy Bonds" transactions correctly show the purchase as Cash In, which makes no sense to me. Other security transactions appear as expected (purchase of stock is Cash Out, etc.).

I then noticed that if I double-clicked to edit the Buy Bonds transaction, it immediately updated to Cash Out, even with no actual edits to the transaction. Saving those transactions with no changes repaired the issue. If you're experiencing the same, you may want to just click through your register and save each problematic transaction without changing it.

Does anyone have any idea why this strange behavior is present?


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    That should read "few 'Buy Bonds' transactions [incorrectly] show the purchase as Cash In"
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