Bill and Income Reminders - how to delete?

I have over 200 reminders that were introduced to my Quicken Starter software when I installed the program. How can I delete all of these reminders at one time rather than deleting them one at a time? Deleting one Reminder takes about 2 minutes, with over 200 reminders the deletion process will take over 8 hours.

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  • JCLaramie148
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    I was informed by Quicken support the extensive wait period of 2 minutes is caused by the extreme number of Reminders that are clogging the system. Also, for example, the experienced wait time for entering a single transaction is 90 seconds, also caused by the Reminder issue.
  • JCLaramie148
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    Thanks to GeoffG and UKR for your responses. Here's the entire story:
    I've been a Quicken user since the early 90s and made several upgrades along the way. A couple years back I upgraded to 2016 Quicken Deluxe (I actually had to go thru a couple free upgrades to get to a version that would allow me to purchase the 2016 Deluxe version).
    The 2016 version introduced me to the "Bill and Income Reminders" function which immediately produced the large number of Reminders. The Amount Due for each of these reminders contained so many commas that it was impossible to comprehend the magnitude of the amount. Consequently, the response time for all actions was annoyingly long, i.e. over 2 minutes to boot the program, and 90+ seconds to enter a transaction. Reconciling an account was a real nightmare until I discovered the global method.
    I recently upgraded to 2019 Starter version hoping to resolve the response time. Unfortunately, no luck.
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    Well, using Q 2016, your data table containing Reminders got clobbered.
    At that point in time, a file restore to a correct data file without the broken reminders would have easily fixed the problem.
    Now, after many months of suffering it may be too late to fix unless ... using Q 2019 have you tried to run the full file validation procedure as described here?
    Actually, do everything, parts 1 and 2 of the above.
    If that doesn't remove the bad reminders, you may have no option but to start over with a fresh new data file as of 1/1/19
  • Ps56k2
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    JCLaramie148 said:
    The 2016 version introduced me to the "Bill and Income Reminders" function which immediately produced the large number of Reminders.
    Well - unfortunately, THAT was when the problem was somehow created, and should have been corrected.  I've also been using Quicken for a long time, and have never seen the Reminders go crazy and somehow auto-create large number of entries.
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  • JCLaramie148
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    Many thanks to GeoffG, UKR, and ps56k for responding to my "Reminder issue" and suggesting solutions. Following your suggestions the cause of my issue became clear. I was able to delete all Reminders in less than 2 hours - using "maintenance sessions" (thanks GeoffG). The result: boot time is now less than 10 seconds, and transaction time is instantaneous. Life is good!
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