Quicken Bill Pay...going from Quicken Mac 2007 to Quicken Premier 2019

Hey gang-

Looks like I'll soon be making the move from Quicken Mac 2007 to Quicken Mac 2019. I am a longtime Quicken Billpay user ($9.95/month) and it looks like Quicken Premier would be a good value for me.

My question is will I need to open a new Quicken Bill Pay account and close my old one? Or will Quicken Bill Pay somehow know to stop charging me the $9.95/month if I go Premier?


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  • Dave461
    Dave461 Member ✭✭✭
    Thanks Greg. So I presume that if I instead went with Quicken Mac 2019 Deluxe, I could simply continue to use my existing Quicken Bill Pay account? Not the best value I know, but trying to make the move to QM 2019 least painful.
  • Dave461
    Dave461 Member ✭✭✭
    Thanks Greg and Austin. Clearly the move from Quicken Mac 2007 won't be done in day. But time to move on. Thanks again!
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