What is source for amount shown on budget

What is the source of the amount "Budget @2,647" at the top righ. "Budget @2,647" is followed by the yellow warning triangle. I don't know where this number comes from or what it means.
Thanks, DH

(I'm running Quicken 2019 R21.16 on Win 10.)


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    I've attached another screen shot in case the first did not display properly. Thanks again --
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    Looking at the Monthly Graph view for my Budget, this number is exactly the same as the sum of all my budgeted Personal Expenses for this month.
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    Thanks for responding I will check and confirm your answer at the first opportunity.
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    It should be the sum of the spending to date number on the left and the budget remaining number, I.e. 1971 + 677, rounded off.  So it is what you budgeted to have spent by now.

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    Thank you both -- solved.
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