Locked out of OLD version - HELP!!!!

I have 2010 version of Quicken. Vacation amnesia - can't remember pswd - can't login.
I have a back up of the file I need from 7.29.19

How can I solve this problem? Really don't want to create a new file and lose everything from years of work. Thanks in Advance

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    Hi @vjcchi ,

    You have a major problem. The Solutions for the File Password Recovery, are current just for the latest versions of Quicken.

    I never use a File Password. If I need to protect my data, I would use a Power-On Password, for the computer instead.

    My Advice,
    1. upgrade to the latest Quicken Subscription Product.
    2. Wait until you can remember the password.
    3. Create a New Quicken Data File.
    4. Look for a Written Copy of the File Data Password, if you made one.
    From Greg's link:
    Quicken offers password removal services for your Quicken data file and transaction passwords. This service is for currently supported versions of Quicken. You can find the steps to submit the request here. Using the password removal service will also be necessary if you receive an error such as "There is not enough data in your data file to validate your identity" or if the verification questions can't be answered."

    You can contact Quicken Support by phone, however, there will a charge for help:
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