Is "category … was skipped because a category of that name already exists" a serious error?

In importing my QM 2007 file into Quicken 2019 (or whatever version I just got) I got this message in the log file many times. A cursory look at the resulting category structure after the import seems to show it's not really a problem — it looks like all the categories, and their structure, that I had in QM 2007 were brought over. It also looks like there are a fair number of "unused" categories and subcategories that presumably were the default set that came with the new Quicken. I assume "skipped" means essentially that if my QM 2007 file had a particular category (and associated subcategories) that are in the new Quicken set of defaults, that the ones from QM 2007 replace, or are merged with, the defaults, so that none of the old category structure is lost.

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