Downloaded corporate bond purchase

Purchased/downloaded corporate bonds from Fidelity do not show up in the transaction list of the investment accounts in Quicken, but the red flag is set (indicating transactions to review) and Online Center shows them as existing at Fidelity but not in Quicken. I entered them manually but cannot match them as I cannot find the downloaded transactions.

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  • jr7107
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    Very strange, because gov treasuries show up as a security/transaction available to download. Can you try this but ahead of time create the security in the account with a matching CUSIP?
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  • Jerry Hermes
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    Didn't make a difference. It's very confusing. The Online Center shows them as downloaded transactions, the red flag is set on the account, and yet in the transaction window, a red msg says "accept downloaded transactions", the counter shows 0 transactions to review. When I try to reconcile the account, a message comes up asking if I want to review/accept downloaded transactions... This has the account in a state that it can't be reconciled without manually entering a transaction to manually balance it. But that is a temporary "fix" because Quicken still has some knowledge of unaccepted downloaded transactions. I have also gone through the process of validating and super-validating the file and it finds no errors.
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