Quicken Won’t open after latest update



  • Tenn-Jim
    Tenn-Jim Member ✭✭
    Regarding Quicken update Build, I had my own problems with this update. My workaround was to download Quicken from my online quicken account and save the downloaded file to my hard drive. This download contained the previous version Build, which worked fine for me. Next, I got off of the internet (disabled network connection) and used Windows 10 to uninstall Quicken. I also made sure the folder Quicken under Program Files (x86) was gone. If not, I manually deleted the folder. Next, I ran the downloaded file to install Quicken offline. This offline installation prevents Quicken from going back to the mothership and downloading and installing Build Next, I had to reconnect to the internet when I ran the newly installed Quicken to log in and register the new installation. The installed version will show you that there is an update available in the one-step update area. Ignore this unless you want to have another go with Build
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