Make expired Options disappear from Investment screen

I download all my stock transactions from my broker (Fidelity) into Quicken. I do a lot of Options trading (puts, calls, short sales, etc.). Everything works pretty well, but I would like expired options to not continue to be displayed in the Investments portfolio display. This would mirror the portfolio display from my broker. If you do a lot of options trading, these transactions can really accumulate, and make your portfolio display very large/long. Expired options are history, no need to continue displaying them.


  • miklk
    miklk SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    You need to enter a closing transaction if the FI dies not send the transaction. For example if you had 10 xxx puts, you would enter a sell 10 xxx puts after they expire for 0.00. (Cover for short puts etc...) Most FIs send the closing transaction but many are not sent correctly and need editing to close the open position anyway. 
  • pauljasmine
    pauljasmine Member ✭✭
    Thanks, got it. Actually, for assigned and expired options, the transaction type in Quicken is Add Shares, which is not right. When I change the transaction to Cover Short, that works, and the option disappears from the display!
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