Best (or different) approaches to budgeting?

I have been using Quicken's budget feature for a few years now and there are some things I like and very much dislike about it. The rollover feature is full of bugs for items that go more than a year. Suddenly money either doesn't get rolled over or gets lost in the shuffle. Because of this I've been trying to eliminate rollovers wherever possible.

This brings me to the thought that maybe I'm not "doing it right" and wondering what other people do.

Do you budget everything (or nearly everything)? Or do you budget for only the things that get expensed every month or nearly every month (for instance, garbage, tv, etc)?

What about bills the fluctuate greatly depending on season like electric? Do you budget for a flat amount equally over the year and rollover? Or do you base it on the "worst month" every month throughout and not let it rollover?

Do you budget for long term projects like vacations? Or is a big ticket item like that considered a non-budgeted item?

Currently, I have budgeted a few budgeted rollover categories with absurdly high balances due to non-use.

Anyway, any input is appreciated.

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