Budget Category Selection Not Working Properly

Because v5.12.3 update modified my budget settings and doesn't work correctly since updating I've had to create a new budget file. Two problems with this: 1) the select categories feature isn't working correctly and 2) the create process doesn't give you an option of creating a "blank budget" or other features such as historical data etc. like it does when editing an existing budget.

1) Select Categories - I have selected the categories I want on my budget, however, the budget edit interface and display both ignore my selections and display the categories I've intentionally not selected.

2) Creating a New Budget - QMac just automatically creates the budget and populates with actual historical data as the budget amount. No option is offered to start with zero.

This v5.12 update has really messed up the budget features in a big way. Please provide workarounds or more importantly correct the errors and restore the budget feature to it's proper working order pre-v5.12. [Version 5.12.3 (Build 512.29258.100)]


  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Budgets weren't modified in the last update. If you are having problems, then something else is amiss. You didn't really indicate what was wrong with your current budget.

    Do you use Mobile/Web access?
  • Tomi
    Tomi Member ✭✭
    I understand budget features were not part of this release. However, after upgrading, my budget file was messed up and I was forced to recreate my entire 2019 budget to have a pure Jan-Dec 2019 budget. The details of the budget problems were in another post. This one was specific to issues I was having with the budget feature (category selections not working properly and auto-populating). It's a moot point to some degree now that I've already created a new budget.
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