When will the problem with the CC-501 error message be corrected? (edited for readability)

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I can't download any transactions from Chase, Navy Federal Credit Union or any of my credit card companies. I continually get the error code CC-501, CC-898. I have downloaded the new Mondo patch and it didn't correct anything. I even tired to resetting my accounts. When will this problem be corrected?

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  • I am still receiving CC501 error after installing the patch r21.17
  • Conclusion to this problem spent several hours on the phone with tech support ended up starting a new file on my production machine apparently quicken needs to be on the c drive or it will not work properly. i am not sure if this is my fault or poor documentation on quickens part.
    i had the file sitting in the drop-box
  • Dayzee
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    I had to speak to a service technician to correct my error code CC-501. He had to manually connect me to Quicken server.
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