How do I get Quicken Mac version 5.12.3 to download transactions from American Express (edited)

Bud Jones
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I have been using Quicken for several years. Today when I started it up for my monthly look at transactions I was informed there was a new update. So I naturally updated to 5.12.3. Update went ok. I told it to update all the accounts. It did most of them but balked at American Express showing me a message that American Express had changed their protocols and I would have to deactivate my account and reactivate it. It also pointed me to some clear instructions on how to deactivate and activate. So I followed the instructions and ended up with an error message:

"You have no more accounts at American Express to activate."
"it looks like you've already set up all of your accounts at American Express for the username you provided"

I only have one account and username at American Express. So I tried again, carefully following all the steps to activate the account. Same result. Quit Quicken restarted and tried again. Same result. Tried Web Connection instead of Direct Connection - same result.

One possible clue is: American Express is one of the accounts where I have a 2 factor password. Quicken should have come back and requested the handshake for the 2 factor password but it didn't - just sent me the confusing error message.

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    All my AMEX accounts are failing this morning.
  • Bud Jones
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    September 9, 2019 - I just tried updating my American Express transactions and I get the same error message that I was getting when I started this discussion. Problem is not solved yet.
    Bud Jones
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