Budgeting Tax Free Interest and Dividends

On release 5.12.3, I am happy to see that I can budget and track both Investment interest and dividends. There are categories for both normal and tax free. Unfortunately,I can't make the Tax Free Portion work. I am not sure if this is an issues with my use, a data issue form my brokerages or a pending Quicken item. Anyone got this working without any work arounds for tax Free?

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  • John 411
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    Thanks for taking the time to send this. After reviewing the string, it appears that Quicken 2019 for mac (latest version) is about at the level you describe. Interest and Div income seem to work fine and show in the budget etc. What I find interesting is that there are now categories for non taxable investment income in the category list and I can set them to be used. However the actual income doesn’t show other than taxable div and int.

    It looks to me that they are moving toward something that works but not very fast.

    I have a similar work around that I use. Rather than “Miscellaneous”, I set the Type to Payment/Deposit and check the category. I still use self created categories since they have worked. As I approach setting a budget for 2020, I intended to see if I can make further progress toward something that reuires less effort on my part.

    Thanks again.

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    John , you are welcome. What would we do without "work-arounds"   (grin)

    Good luck as you approach setting your budget for 2020.

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