Notorious -99,999,000 value, "number too large", etc. in Qkn ver 19 premier, Windows 7 pro

I saw that Sarah solved this issue somewhat on May 23; however, I still see it. I "fixed" it by doing an investment report to see in what date range the error occurred. When I narrowed the range down to about a month. That txn was in the middle of twenty years of data. I sequentially updated each sales transaction that appeared to only affect a money market security. Here is what I saw:
1) I edited the txn to see how many available shares existed,
2) even though I had several years before the affected txns of available shares, I reset the share balance, and did FIFO to apply that sale against the available shares.
3) After several edits, the -999,999 and the "not enough shares" or "number too large" disappeared; however,
a) I noticed that each successive sale showed in the edit window;
i) the first available date for available shares at a constant date a few years after I opened the account (11/1/99),
ii) the number of available shares within that edit was much larger than the share balance that appears under share balance in the "ledger"; i.e., the window that shows all the sequential txns

The good news is that I seem to have gotten some things under control again, but that this error infrequently appears. I have done verification, both soft and hard.

Has anyone had this experience?
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