Error when trying to "Accept All" investment transactions

I download electronically from my investment firm but when it comes time to click on "Accept All" in my investment register, a square pop up comes up with a white "i" inside a blue circle and to the right are the numbers 000000000 and a button that says OK. When I click on Okay the pop up goes away. I am able to go into each investment transaction individually and accept it but it's sooo time consuming!

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  • Ria Malinak
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    Yes indeed! Silver lining. I am happy it's a known error though, that was my main reason for sharing it in the community.
  • FYI....Still getting this error as of 09/17/19
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Posted by @Quicken Sarah:

    Thanks for reaching out!  I just checked the status of the ticket opened with Development and it appears that a solution has been found that is tentatively expected to be ready for the upcoming R22 release for Quicken for Windows.
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