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Has anyone else had any issues with downloading transactions from Wells Fargo Advisors in last couple of days? Multiple transactions show on web site,but are not downloading in to Quicken.


  • bnc0123
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    Exactly :) , I have the same problem with Wells Fargo Advisors. No downloads since Aug 30. I use direct connect and have tried downloading from the Wells website but I only get data from before Aug 30
  • bnc0123
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    I opened a case number with Wells Fargo earlier today. They just informed me that they are aware of a problem that occurred over the Labor Day weekend and are working to get it fixed
  • jason.jager
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    I'm having the same issue and came here to find a solution. After trying to download it says that there are 0 transactions when in fact there are many.
  • Thank you, everyone, for posting these comments here! I thought that I was losing my mind, and the people at Wells Fargo were of no help (e.g., they didn't acknowledge that they were aware of the problem). After deactivating and reactivating my accounts several times, it downloaded two transactions from later in the week, but not the ones at the beginning of the month. I hope that this will correct itself within a few days. Thanks again, everyone!
  • bnc0123
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    I restored my Quicken file from an Aug 30 backup and downloaded successfully all my Wells Fargo transactions
  • Maikeer
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    Same problem here, kinda sporadic. After several days of no downloads (and no error messages), my four or five recent transactions successfully downloaded on September 4. However, a trade I made on September 5 has still not downloaded. Online balances are correct, and they match when I enter transactions manually.

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