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Rental Payment Reminder in Quicken does not add category automatically

I am using Quicken 2017 RPM.  I have rent reminders for some properties which I set up in the "Rental Property Tab".  These monthly reminders show up in the Bill Reminders where I enter them, then reconcile in the bank account when the rent gets deposited.  Apparently there is no option in the reminder to add a category for this transaction.  I generally use the reminder to add the rent payment, then go into my account register and add the category (I use the Rental Income category in the default category list).  Just wondering if anyone else has run across this?  I could set up the reminder as a general reminder and not use the Rental Property tab to set it up.  

it's just been a monthly nuisance for 2-3 transactions.  Maybe Quicken is aware of this little quirk?
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