Some investment accounts no longer updating, Windows 10, Quicken Premier 2017

Some of my accounts have recently stopped updating from Charles Schwab. I have Quicken set up on 2 different PCs, and each of them have more than one account that has stopped updating since on or around September 1. Different accounts. I noticed the problem when a couple of transaction downloaded on one account, but the other 2 accounts that held the same securities showed no transactions. Schwab's website account history clearly showed the transactions under each of the accounts.

I have tried changing automatic entry to all 3 options. No change. I have also tried resetting the offending accounts. While resetting, it will typically come up asking me if the account is an account different from the one I am resetting. I will then choose the correct account, but the resetting of it changes nothing. Extremely upsetting and frustrating.

Any thoughts? Thanks.


  • As an aside, before I realized that the problem was more widespread, I thought that only one account was affected. As it is an account that I keep separate from the others for purposes of net worth, I simply started a new Quicken file; and when I had Quicken go to Schwab's website to download account information, the offending account successfully downloaded all transactions to-date. I then "hid" and separated out all the other accounts and figured I could move forward and live with having a separate Quicken file for the one odd account.

    Unfortunately, I now know the problem is much worse.
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    I'm not sure what the behavior is using two instances of Q and downloading, and the impact on the Q server at Schwab. Does it think you have already download those transactions successfully and won't present them a second time? Are you using the same login ID or different login ID for Schwab on the the connection? I could guess that if you are using the same ID it might think you have already downloaded for the day.
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  • Thanks jr107 for the comments.

    The issue with your suggestion is that I have been using two separate PCs for almost twenty years with no such issue cropping up. An occasional missed, or mis-handled transaction, as with bond redemptions or calls, but nothing like this. I have stuck with Quicken for all these years out of loyalty, but also because to switch and give up twenty years of files and reports is difficult; but if it turns out that I keep needing to check a dozen + accounts b/w Roths, IRAs, Rollove IRA's, taxables, joint accounts, wife's accounts, etc., then who knows? Even if only one or two are getting messed up, I will need to check them all, then do manual transactions.

    Any thought to the validate and repair options? I've never understood much about them and have fortunately not really needed to make much use of them over the years.
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    With on 20+ years of data. Schwab is one of the good providers, really solid in terms of what they provide and have done so for years in my opinion. And reminding myself I have also done a separate Q file (not separate PC) to isolate an account that worked without issue.

    Just backup the file and run the file operations first. Then account reset (which you appear to have tried) and then the whole deactivate/activate thing but be prepared to roll back to backup if you don't like the results.

    So UserID (PC1) downloads example accounts 1-3, and UserID(PC2) downloads accounts 4-6? Same UserID, but different accounts tracked in Q, on two separate instances? Should work. Although I think when I did this activity, I had separate Login IDs for the joint account I was isolating.
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  • Your solution isn't helping me.

    One account is missing transactions on both PCs. And it has worked without issues on the two separate PCs for years.

    I have always assumed that Schwab makes all the transactions available for download at every call, and that Quicken did the work of downloading only "new" ones and not downloading ones that were already present in the account.

    Once or twice over the years it downloaded a duplicate transaction, but I believe it happened when I downloaded transactions in the evening when Schwab's site was probably in the middle of updating its own site. A subsequent update then had a couple of duplicates in it.

    I guess I'll start messing with the repair process.
  • I solved it for now.

    On both PCs, I restored a back-up file from late August. When I did the one-step udate on each, all transactions from all accounts downloaded correctly.
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