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Hi, I have a mac and trying to migrate from Mac to Windows. I have tried the instructions that were present on the Website.
I have exported from Mac and then setup a new file on Windows and imported the exported file from mac but only the transactions have imported. My budget and mobile sync has not ported over. For transactions I have attachments in Mac as well but none of them came here as well.
I need all of the things transferred over to Windows. Can someone please guide.

Thank you
Rehan Ashraf
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    Hi @rehanashraf ,

    See this article: https://www.quicken.com/support/converting-your-data-quicken-mac
    Scroll down to : Windows Conversion
    Click : Convert from Quicken for Mac to Quicken for Windows

    Attachments do not export, because attachments are encrypted. Instead of scanning directly into Quicken, use a different program like FileCenter from: https://www.filecenterdms.com/
    or Paperport from:  https://www.kofax.com/Products/paperport

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  • I did what was mentioned in step 1 and that is how I got my transactions into Quicken Windows. but budget and attachments did not work.
    This is not going to work. I have attachments and do not have physical copies of those. I need these to come in otherwise there is no point of me having this.
    If I need to pay for other services then there was no point of getting Quicken. I need some other way to do this cause this will not work. I cannot go back and scan every receipt again (which I dont even have most) into another program and then into Quicken. That is just crazy.
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