Quicken crashes after downloading an option contract transaction

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This has been happening for over 6 months and I can recreate it consistently. File Operations -> Validate/Repair does NOT solve it. Here are the steps to crash Quicken (I am currently on Quicken 2019 Windows version Build Here are the steps to reproduce the crash.

1. Make a options contract transaction on a Charles Schwab account (Put or Call).
2. Make sure there are no other tranactions from any other account including bank, credit card etc. If there are and if u accept a transaction from one of those before accepting the options transaction, Quicken will work fine.
3. Download the transaction.
4. Go to the Investment account register. It will open a window with the title "Matching Security" with "No. Add this new security to Quicken" selected. As I had 2 transactions, it gave me the option to select Next and Cancel. If I click on Next, nothing happens for a few seconds and Quicken crashes.
5. On the other hand if I click on Cancel and then go back to the register, it works fine. I can add the 2 new options transactions fine without a crash.


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    Thanks for the steps, this one will have to go to Quicken Support to reproduce, recommend opening a case with support.

    I have not seen any of this type of behavior from Schwab on that type of transaction, but I also do some things differently (next day download of transactions vs. same day, and match option transaction to a matching security).
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    Do I need to post it elsewhere for Quicken Support to see?
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    No, you need to contact Quicken Support yourself.
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