When updating my quicken 2017 Deluxe, I get error "Errors during Quicken Cloud sync"

As the title says, when doing a one step update, I get the error Message "Errors during Quicken Cloud sync". Lower down, it shows a message: "Not all bills were updated. Go to Online Bills to see more". 2 main points. 1) I do not have (nor want) any linked bills in online bills If I go to Online Bills - it just shows Get Started, and if I click on that, I get the opportunity to select some bills to link. 2) If I just go to Mobile & Alerts and do a sync now, that completes without error. I have already as part of this exercise, reset my cloud data, to no avail. I have also Validated my QDF file

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  • UKR
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    If you're looking at the One Step Update Summary view, at the bottom of the window is there a checkmark at "Show just the last update"?
    If there isn't, you might be seeing an old, obsolete error message from long ago being redisplayed.
  • Well, check the box at the bottom to show only the last update. Took away the message about not updating bills, but the error concerning Cloud Sync remains (along with the red light to the left of the message).
  • Quicken Sarah
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    Hello @Dave Brandman

    Thank you for providing that additional information, although I apologize that you have not yet received a follow-up response.

    If you haven't already, please review the information and steps available here, and post back to let us know if this helps to resolve the sync error message in the One Step Update Summary window.

    Thank you,

  • I am not encountering the errors your link is describing. What is happening (as the two attachments illustrate) is that when I do a One Step Update, I get the error message in red: "Errors during Quicken Cloud Sync" (no more information than that). However, when I go to Mobile & Alerts and do a Sync Now, everything works OK.
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