How do I perform operations on downloaded transactions in bulk?

imcdona Member ✭✭
I have 246 downloaded transactions and I'll be (edited) if I'm going to right click on the 200 or so transactions that need to be deleted and click "delete transaction".

Please tell me I'm missing something.... :s

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  • imcdona
    imcdona Member ✭✭
    I'm able to work around the issue with the above mentioned workarounds. Thanks!

    However, these are all good "workarounds" for what should be a standard feature of Quicken. Any idea why Quicken hasn't implemented this feature yet? Many people are running into this issue so it seems like Quicken would I dunno, fix it.

    I'm now paying Quicken a yearly subscription free and in return I expect things such as this glaring omission to get fixed.
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