I suggest that all the same Invoice items and plugins be available in Estimate Forms, like sales tax

Dear Quicken Programmers,

I have a problem when I create an Estimate and convert it to an Invoice. Namely, the Sales tax line is not integrated into the form like it is in the Invoice form.

** To reflect sales tax in my Estimates, I must create a Sub-Total line and then add a separate line for Sales Tax to get a realistic total estimate for my client.

** When I convert this Estimate to an invoice all those lines flow over into an invoice quite nicely, BUT it is different than the Invoices that I create without creating an Estimate first.

** So you see, in the Invoice form, there is a click column to make any line taxable or not as needed. It would be nice if this feature was available in the Estimates form, to begin with as a default as it is in the Invoice form.

This is my suggestion, make Estimate Form flow the same way as in the default Invoice Form.
- I suggest line by line Invoice items be reflected in Estimate Form like it is done now.
- ADD a Taxable column at the right end of the item line like in the current Invoice Form.
- Connect the Taxable Column to a Sales Tax block as it is in the Invoice Form
- And lastly that the Sub-Total, Sales Tax, and Total in the Estimate Form print out just the same way as it does in the Invoice Form.

Any objections or reasons as to why this is not the default way things are done as far as Estimates being converted to Invoices?

Thank you for considering my suggestion.
Jim G


  • UKR
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    Which version and release of Quicken for Windows H&B are you using? US or Canada?
    In my Q 2019 US, Release 21.17, when I create a new Estimate, the "T" column for taxable items is available and Sales Tax is correctly added to the total.

  • James F Gardner
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    Windows 10 Pro
  • James F Gardner
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    @ Greg,
    Does not show like yours. Hmm, I wonder what I am doing wrong or what I have missed along the way. I have used Quicken since 2003
  • James F Gardner
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    @ UKR,
    The previous comment was meant for you.
  • James F Gardner
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    Well, Well, Well,
    Thank you one and all for getting me on the right track. UKR you are correct and my problem is resolved.

    I turns out that the error was on my part. I had not updated my Estimate Layout.

    I had only updated my Invoice Layout to reflect the NC sale tax I must now collect on Services as well as Materials. All I needed to do was check the
    "Sales Tax" box in the Estimate Layout. Well done folks for getting me to think and dig a little deeper. Thank you again. :blush: :smile:
  • UKR
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    You are welcome.
    And thank you for providing the solution to this problem. I would not have thought of looking at the Estimate forms layout in a million years.
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