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Can One Correct the Numbers of Shares in Lots after a Conversion?

Recently, I sold some shares of Fidelity US Bond Fund, which was 'upgraded' to premium by Fidelity last fall, at a conversion rate that was not 1 for 1, but almost. The ratio resulted in almost every lot creating fractional shares to the 6th decimal. I have the correct fractions, to three decimal places, and have tried changing them in the 'Add Shares' transactions. This sometimes results in a recalculation of the price, so I know it's being noticed. However, when I go in to assign lots after the sale, the assign lots screen shows the old, six-decimal, counts, not the newly-entered three-decimal ones. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • jgs0
    jgs0 Member ✭✭
    Thanks, q_lurker. I found the issue, I think, in the sell transaction. I deleted that and recreated it, and the new one came up with the edited 3-decimal-place values in the shares available fields on the assignment of lots screen.

    One added wrinkle that made this just a bit trickier was that total shares sold in the broker's confirmation statement was off by 0.003 shares. That seemed like it might be to do with the sum of the truncated digits, but it was just wrong on the statement.

    Anyway, thanks for confirming that my edits should work. It narrowed the problem just enough.
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