How to install Quicken on my laptop.

I had Quicken Deluxe on my PC but the PC has died. Need to install it on my Laptop. How do I do this and restore all my information?

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    You do not provide any detail regarding your version. If it's current, go to and sign on to your account. You will see the option to download the subscription version. You will need to copy a Quicken backup file from wherever you saved it the laptop.
    When you Launch Quicken you should point the get file to your backup.
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  • I did not see any option to download the Subscription Version, only an option to download a Windows version. Also I do not have a backup file for Quicken on my laptop, have never used Quicken on the laptop, only on the PC, which is now inoperable.
  • I have Quicken Deluxe 2005 installed, with updates over time. When I bring up my Quicken account & go to my checking account info, I see it hasn't updated since 2018. But I know the info was updated to current while on my PC. Don't know why this wouldn't be the same in Quicken on the Web. I now have a Quicken folder on my laptop but not sure what file I'd be looking for, for a backup file??
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    This might be a challenge...
    So, what version of Quicken was actually on your PC ?
    You should be able to see your current Quicken status and account info
    Did you ever make any physical or cloud storage backups of your PC data files - especially Quicken ?
    The Quicken Cloud for Web and Mobile App access IS NOT A BACKUP.
    Not sure what you mean here -
    Are you using the Quicken on the Web to view this data -
    When I bring up my Quicken account & go to my checking account info,
    I see it hasn't updated since 2018.

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    Also - is the disk from the PC trashed or was it the PC.
    Basically - if the disk is still good, you could get it connected and copy all the data files off and onto your laptop
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