How do I correct an investment cost basis in the "Investing" window:

I have a Annuity I purchases in 2006 that I am now taking annual distributions.
The Cost Basis shown in the "Investment" tab is the amount at the time of the original purchase. in the "Security View" window the correct amount is shown reflecting the adjustment due to annual distributions. How do I correct the wrong amount shown in the "Investment" tab??

I am using Quicken Premier 2019 for Windows. Version R22.12 Build


  • q_lurker
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    "Cost Basis shown in the "Investment" tab"

    I take that to mean a portfolio view that includes a column for cost basis of specific securities held in specific accounts, likely grouped by "Account"

    "in the "Security View" window"

    I take to mean a Security Detail view for one specific security that includes a "Holdings" section with an aggregate Cost Basis for all holdings of that security across all accounts.  

    What transactions are you entering to make the "adjustment due to annual distribution"?

    Is the difference in values exactly the amount of the "adjustments" or is there some other component to the differences?
  • Les Irey
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    Yes your assumptions are correct. Sorry if I was not clear.

    I am using the transaction of "Return of Capitol", that is supposed to adjust the cost basis, as I understand.

    The adjustment in the "Security Detail View" matches exactly the amount of the distribution. However, the cost basis in "Portfolio View" does not change.

    Thanks for your response and I hope you have a solution.