Price History missing for QREARX before 1/20/2017

The price history has disappeared for QREARX. I've owned it for many years and the history used to be there. Now it only shows up from 1/20/2017. I can't even add a price in the Edit Price History dialogue box before 1/20/2017. Bloomberg shows prices back 5 years and I have them on my statements. I'm not sure what has changed. I don't have this on any other security.

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  • After changing and restoring the ticker, I was able to get historical prices back by deleting the price history and downloading historical prices. Unfortunately the longest option to restore prices is 5 years. I was able to edit the price history and add a 12/31/2012 price. 5 years is better than what I had. I will update the history quarterly for the two years I don't have now. That should not be too bad.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Through Yahoo finance you can download more complete prices for most securities (but apparently not QREARX) as csv information that you can then manipulate and import into Quicken.  I you can find another such source with QREARX prices in a csv file format, that import path may be an option.

    There is a QPH File Processor program that can read a Quicken QPH file, and extract price information for importing back into a Quicken file.  A level of computer comfort or acumen is beneficial - file handling, etc.  

    Exporting a QIF from an earlier version of your data (not showing this problem) may allow you to re-import the QREARX prices.  Again, a level of computer skills may be required to edit the QIF file and be sure it is legitimate to re-import.  

    If you are just after say quarterly prices, such paths may not be time-effective.  If you are after weekly or daily prices and really want information prior to 5 years ago, such alternate paths may be very helpful.  
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