Recent transactions not displayed for one investment account

I have multiple investment accounts on my Quicken file. One of them has a high volume of transactions. Recently, when I look at the transaction data the most recent year or two is not displayed (the data is there because the Holdings values are correct). Is it possible I have too much data in the file? Can I offload some of the historic transactions for just this one account? How do I do that?

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  • q_lurker
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    "Is it possible I have too much data in the file? "

    No, at least as the short answer.  That makes the other two questions moot.

    What version of Quicken?

    What is "a high volume of transactions"?

    If this is very recent behavior, I'd restore a backup and see if the same problem appears. 

    I'd also be looking at the file validation approach.

    I have seen accounts with more than ~10,000 transactions in them exhibit poor performance (slow to get a transaction recorded and displayed) but not where a set of transactions never displays.  (That 10,000 is very ballparkish and depends greatly on other factor as as well.)
  • Paul Lang
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    Thank you q_lurker.

    The account giving me problems is probably in the 10,000ish transaction level. It's 15 years of history. About 50 transactions a month in the download from my broker.

    Yes, it is slow to update - other accounts with fewer transactions update much faster.

    I'm running Q-Premier 2019 ver R22.12.

    Problem isn't consistent. Maybe one out of four or five times I start app, I can't view the transaction detail from the last few years. I shut Quicken down - restart and file detail is there. Has been happening for at least a year.

    Besides being annoying - it is odd.

    Any thoughts?
  • Paul Lang
    Paul Lang Member ✭✭

    Great idea. I'll put this on my "to do" list for 1/1.

    Sure wish I could pick some past date to make the cut off. Given portfolio turnover it would probably address most of the cap gain issues.

    Thanks for your expert help.

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