Is there a way to Tag items in a paycheck?

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I want to start using tags in my Quicken registers. I just tagged everything in all registers for this month, but I can not Tag the items in a paycheck, like the Deposited amount and the payroll deductions.

The Tag for an income deposit is tagged by Quicken as -Paycheck-  When I open  the Split there is no place to tag the individual line items.

When I run the Income and Expense by Category Report and customize it for the Tag/tags I want, I get no Income. If I choose the 'Not Tagged' Tag I do get the income, but I get 'all' income not the income I want to compare to the Expense Tag.   


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    Please explain what Tags you want to use.  It shouldn't be necessary to tag every transaction or split line.  The Category should be enough.  If you don't use a Tag column then after the Category you use a / to indicate the Tag.  And you first have to set up the Tags.

    Like Category name/Tag

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    @volvogirl my wife and I have 4 incomes, both have retirement checks and Social security checks. Hers go into her checking account and mine go into my checking account.  I created a budget for her income and expenses; another for my income and expenses and a third called Master that combines the two other budgets.

    I tagged all transactions in both registers as Ann or David, except for the -Paychecks which can not be tagged. 

    I just found how to Tag Income and Deductions from Income on -Paycheck-
    Run an Income and Expense by Category Report. Customize it to what tag you want plus Untagged.  

    In the report double click on the amount and a new screen comes up where you can Tag by right clicking the tag box and choosing 'Retag Transaction' then choose the tag from the list on next screen.

    Payroll Deductions:
    Same thing, just in the Expenses section find the Deduction and tag it in the same way.

    When done you can go back to Customize and un-check the 'Not tagged' on the Tag tab.

    The reason I Tagged this way is because when I pull a master budget report I can now compare categories in the two checking account budgets and find mistakes faster by comparing the categories and budgeted amounts in the Checking Account budgets to what the master says. 
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    Update: I have tagged all the income for year to date using the Quicken for the Web app.  While looking at a past pay transaction, I noticed that the category had been changed for all line items in the paycheck.  There is a "/David" appended to the category which I assume is the Tag.

    I went into the Bill and Income Reminder and added the appropriate "/whoever" to each line item/deduction of each paycheck.. I assume this will Tag each when the paychecks are entered from now on.  Have to wait until Last Wednesday of this month when wife's SSI checks posts to verify.

    I attach a screenshot.
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    ... I assume this will Tag each when the paychecks are entered from now on.  Have to wait until Last Wednesday of this month when wife's SSI checks posts to verify.

    If you are using a Scheduled Paycheck reminder, there's nothing that says that you have to wait until the deposit actually arrives. You can always record the reminder a few days early. When the deposit arrives in a future transaction download, Quicken will just match the download to the already existing register transaction.
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    @URK Yep, I knew that but I did not want to post it this early.  Since I have been using your 101 troubleshooting and other advice you have given over the years, I went ahead and posted my wife's SSI early. I was certain it would work, and knew, if it did work, the income would show up in the Cash Flow by Tag report in the proper 'Ann'  column.  If it did not, it would have shown in the Not Tagged column.  

    It works.
    See attachment of the posted income and the Cash Flow report.

    I have been gone from Quicken Community for 4 or 5 years; because I got bitten by the Genealogy bug.  I am done with that now until more people get DNA tested. I am returning to Quicken to keep me occupied.

    Thanks for pushing me a little.
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