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Is there a way to force Quicken to re-download transactions for one account going back to a specific date (18 months ago), or from the earliest date available?

I have a brokerage account that holds several stocks. For one of these stocks the balances are out of whack -- it shows a zero initial cost for some 1800 shares, so the $ gain and % gain are ludicrously large (24,000%). Apparently some transaction got missed, I gather when one stock was sold and another bought to replace it. The sold stock no longer appears in the list so Quicken shows no record of what the amounts were.

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  • NotACPA
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    There's no way to re-download into the SAME Q data file.
    BUT, you can create a new file,with only that brokerage account and download into it.
    The next issue then becomes, How far back can the download go?
    For downloads initiated from within Q, the usual range is 30=90 days, as determined by the bank/card/brokerage/etc.
    BUT, some will let you download a longer period if you initiate the download from THEIR website.
    Ultimately,however, your surest bet is to get out those old brokerage statements and compare them, MONTH-BY-MONTH, to what's shown in Q.  Sorry..
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    Thanks for the response. I suppose that after downloading into a separate file there's still no way to merge that information with the 'master' Quicken file automatically?

    The odd thing is that the overall historical gain/loss % for the entire account seems reasonable, it's just one active stock that's so far out of whack. I can only assume that the balancing sale is not visible because the stock has been sold and so no longer shows in the list.
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